Friday, 25 September 2015


In Kate writing we did fun writing we had to picked a character, setting and object here is my writing. 


One day the phone rang.It was the girls friend Rosie said do you want to come to a marshmallow pool party.Ok I will come now I hop in the chocolate car ready to go.When she got there she jumped in to the pool.She dived down and got lost while she got lost she saw something down the bottom of the pool.She  took a close look it was a old pencil she picked it up and bring it close to her.She saw sparks of magic.She called it a magic pencil.I am going to tack you home.She went home.Just then the phone rang she answered the phone she said who is it the tiny voice said it is Rosie hello you know when you come to the pools did you find a magic pencil yes I did why because it is my pencil.I got it for my 5th birthday my mum got it for me.I lost it when I lasted come here for my 5th birthday I though I lost it I though I had lost it forever.But you found it for me.So I will come over so you can give it to me.I hanged up on the phone.Just then the doorbell rang bing bing went the door bell.coming yelled Kate. I ran down the stairs as fast as a creature getting somebody.Just then she tripped and fell over.OH NO she got up and stumbled  down the stairs as slow as a snail.she come down the stairs and into the kitchen she washed the bloody pencil.Just then the pencil slipped out of her hand and just about to go down the sink.She finished washing the pencil.Rosie was still there.Kate opened the door and gave the pencil back to her.Rosie said thank you she shut the door and left.THE END.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Abby and devin and Rebekah Maori post

 Description:  we have been learning Maori body parts.
Here are my poster.

Big idea : we have been learning Maori body parts.

Feedback/Feedforward : I think you need to put a bit more effort into your poster. But I like your first poster that you made. Keep learning your Maori parts. Rosalind:)

Evaluation: I think I did a good job on puting my body parts on the poster.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Maths portfolio post

Description:we have been learning multiplication and division.
Big idea:

I had 31 kids to put into 5 cars. I made groups of five for each car. I had 6 full cars and one extra. So it is 7 cars.

Feedback/Feedforward :

I think that you did well at showing how you showed you're working out from Naomi 

Next time I think that you can add some more information from Naomi

Evaluation: I need to work on doing more clear.