Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Writing village stay

Description: we were all doing writing about  sea turtles but I wasn't here I was at otaki so I am writing about  my village stay.

Feedback/Feedforward well done Rebecca that sounds really fun and you went really in depth with your writing next time you could make sure it all makes sense and make sure you spelt everything correctly but other than that it was a great story!
-Bella M
Evaluation I think I did good becase I put some depth in my writing but next time I think I should make it make sense and spelt everything correctly. 

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  1. You sure did go into a great amount of depth. I really enjoyed learning about what you did at Health Camp. Learning to do your own hair and make your own bed are really important. Great to hear that you made some new friends too. Have you been keeping in touch? Perhaps you could write them an email?