Friday, 16 September 2016

Calendar art t3 2016

Description: in Elly's class we have been doing art my art is the one I did with Suzanne.It is  going to be my calendar art and  we also did Olympic art we used paper and texture paper but first we painting paper and than we texture paper I used my finger nails to do some texture and then I used  different colors  and moved around the different colours to do it. I used purple and yellow and light blue to used it.We where trying to uses
Here is my calendar art the one I did with Suzanne. 

Feedback/Feedforward Wow Rebekah that is amazing art and there are some great textures!next time you could use some lighter colors with the darker colors to brighten it up a bit more.-Bella M

Evaluation: I agree with Bella M next time I can used some dark and lighter to brighten it up a bit more. 
I did good textureing but next time I could uses more colors so I could  brighten it up a bit more.

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  1. This is cool Rebekah! Well done. You must be very pleased with your result!