Thursday, 8 September 2016

Writing with Elly

Description:In poutama we have been doing writing.In  Elly's group we have been learning about complex sentences.There is a Troy's and a Nic group. A complex sentence is with a conjunction joined on a sentence on to another sentence and the sentences need to make sense by themself. A complex sentence has fan boys in it f stands for, a stands for and,  n stands for nor, b stands for but, o stands for or, y stands for yet,stands for so.

Evaluation: I found doing complex sentences hard becasuse I didn't know what a complex sentence is.

Feedback/Feedforward I think you're complex sentences are great maybe next time you could work on you're fan boy sentences because some halves aren't  exactly simple sentences-Devin 

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  1. Well done Rebekah. You have worked hard in writing this term. I have been very impressed! Im looking forward to seeing you use these complex sentences in your writing.