Thursday, 31 March 2016

Et REO Whakapapa

Desption: on Mondays afternoons some people go  to kapa haka and the people that don't wanted  to go to kapa haka stay in there class room and do et Reo.I  don't go to kapa haka.

Feedback I like how you have lots of information on your family tree.
Feedfoward next time make your writing a bit clear.Rubyk. 

Evaluation next time I will make my writing a bit clear so more people can read it and understand it.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

A day of a life of a camp toilet.

Description: I choose this piece to make people laugh and enentertain.This is a bit about my story..." but at least I don't have to get up and get dressed."
I hope you like it.


17/3/16    day of a life of a camp toilet.  


It is the worst day of my life.  



Ew  yuck that was gross. The camp kids didn’t flush the toilet. I am a poor toilet that just gets used and used. I could escape from El Rancho Camp away from these pesky kids because I am gross with puke in it. No one cares about me. I just get used by hundreds of kids everyday. But one day I was sleeping and sleeping. Suddenly someone turned on the blurry light but it wasn’t one person it was a mum with a girl that had lovely golden hair.  Oh no is something bad going to happen to me? Oh no it must be cleaning  time. Cleaning time is the worst thing that has happened to me. I feel shivers down my spine. Just then someone put something in my face. It was a toilet brush.  I am furious not just furious really furious. I smell pukey and I have got poos and wees and worse of all I have got farts in me. But you can’t do that to me I said. But just as I said it someone sat on my face. It wasn’t a someone it was a something and that something was a bottom just as I yelled out something drop on my face it was a poo. Yuck yuck I think I am going to be sick I am really annoyed but when I say I am really annoyed I say I am really really annoyed. But mind you that was quite nice with that toilet brush it was quite tickly in my throat. But I don’t care I just want to sleep but I don’t want to wake up again. But I have got goo on my toilet sent and bubbly cold water that is yucky. I was cold when that pesky kid flushed me. I wondered what will be my next adventure? It might be that I could become a sink one day.

Feedback your description is super good.Billy 

Feedfoward make the description bigger.Billy 

Evaluation I think I put juicy words in my writing.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Camp eportfolio 2016

Description: last week we went away on camp. We went to El Rancho in Waikanae. We did 10 activities at camp. Some of the activities where are rifle shooting and swimming pool. We stayed away for three nights and four days. I enjoyed it a I like your description and your pictures tayla

My camp goals

Description:We are going to camp the 8th of March.and we are setting goals for camp my one word is Independence.Here are my camp goals.

Friday, 4 March 2016

My one word post

Descripiton:in Poutama we chose to do our one word art. Elly took a photo of us pretending to hold a Sign then we chose our one word then we ruled it in our writers note book. I chose these colours because they stand out. I did block letters because it also makes the word stand out.


Feedback/Feedforward  I like how you did a nice bright background .
Next time maybe challenge yourself to something harder.Ruby.

EvaluationThanks ruby. I will do that next time. I did well with my art. It's the best art I have ever done because it's really colourful.