Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Math portfolio sample fractions.

Description: in Troys c group we learnt about fractions by folding paper to make lot of fractions. These are photos of haft and quarter. 


Evaluation:  I think I did good because I tried my best.

Feedback/Feedforward:well done Rebecca I think the work is great and you really did try your best  next time you could make you post a bit more in depth and show the reader what you are working on and make your work a little bit tider.-Bella M

Buddy art team 1

Description: Last team we did buddy art with room10.Most people think that art is landscape but it can
Be any thing you like to be it can be drawing it can be any thing  you wanted to do but we did Sarah platt art. How to make it what we do is we got a little square and we ruled it up in our think book then we drawed the picture in our think book then we got a good copying then once we finished  our drawing on our good copying we used colour to make it stand buddy was Rona.I used black vived and green paint colour paper. I put these square  in becasuse they are the 2 we worked on.


Evaluation: I did good with my art becasuse I worked well with my buddy.

Feedback/feedforward :Well done Rebecca the end result is great it sounds like you really worked with your buddy next time you could show the readers your draft so we know how much better it look with color.
-Bella M