Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Book buddies with Charlotte p and Amanda

In book buddies me and Charlotte have different books my is grandpa's great escape Charlotte &  Amana are reading Tom gates we have a slide to put our evidence on to show what we are doing in book buddies we have coaches to help us me & Charlotte & Amana have Elly here is our slide

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

My add for my feeling and mind read box.

Description:in Elly's writing we are learning to persuade.Someone  to buy our product  my box is a mind reading it can read minds like if you are thinking  about math that you might fail the test don't worried about anything the box. Also  is a feeling box it can tell if you are sad,happy,mad,worried and lots more SO COME AND GET YOU 2 in 1 box. 

Here is my add
Hi it is Rebekah from toy wars and we have a Special offer on a boxes  all boxes are half   Price now   but if you come on down you will get buy one get one half price.THAT RIGHT HALF PRICE.but wait there is more it looks like a normal box but it is not a normal box it is a feeling and a mind read box it doses anything that you ask it to do.SO CALL NOW ON 08351650 but keep in mind that this phone number is not real SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR CALL NOW!!!!!! WHY HAVEN'T CALL YET TOYWARS. LIMITED TIME ONLY MUST END FRIDAY OF NOVEMBER the 11th. CALL NOW!!!!!!!   Here is a picture of my box

Monday, 14 November 2016

prep market day

Last  Friday we did market day we sold bakery items I did it with Tayla & Azarah we had $20 to spend   on making our product. We  had a 10$ Float they where 50c each and 1.00 to make your own. We can chose where our money goses but for the school. We  put ours towards sports gear but first we have to pay the bank back $20 with the money we got from selling our product. If  we didn't get $20 then there will be jobs to do to get more money each job will have a money amount of money to get. Here  is my groups's prep slide😀!!!!!!